Andrew Antoniou ~ Songs of Dedication

Artist: Andrew Antoniou

Content: Mixed media, works on paper, painting

Price Range: Most works from $450 to $6500

Exhibition: Australian Galleries – 50 Smith Street, Collingwood 3066

Dates: February 4 – February 28 2010

Andrew Antoniou “A familiar song” 2008

Songs of Dedication is a show of 50 figurative works that lead the viewer through a circus of imagination, symbolism and narrative.

Worlds of interconnected myth and meaning are created on paper and canvas and Antonious symbolic resonance is matched only by the energy and skill behind the drawings. Exquisite figures, both human and non-human cavort and play, acting out moments of life, memory and thought. Charcoal, graphite, intaglio and paint are all delivered in strong lines and rich shadows that lend the compositions a theatrical presence.

While this presence may give the impression of being light hearted, even playful, closer inspection reveals a solemness within the figures as though each performance signifies some sacred ritual.

Songs of Dedication is a dense and beautiful show that works well within the light and open space of the gallery.

Sophia Szilagyi ~ Darkness Visible

Artist: Sophia Szilagyi

Content: Photography, digital media

Price Range: Most works from $950 to $5900

Exhibition: James Makin Gallery – 67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood 3066

Sophia Szilagyi “Threadless Way”

Darkness Visible is an exhibition of dense and intriguing digital prints in which the layering of objects, light and landscape test the boundaries of perception. The visual convention of landscape is disrupted as the juxtapositions slant horizon lines, dissolve human faces and cut glittering paths of water though primeval forests.

A recurring theme in the show is Nature, presented as a dominant force that eludes any attempt to name and therefore control it. While Szilagyi employs common archetypes of dreams, darkness and woods, she spares the viewer any clich├ęd fairy tale symbolism. Instead, what Szilagyi brings out of the ever-shifting layers is an intense and beautiful light that strengthens each image and binds the show together.

This is an absorbing body of work that commands the viewers full attention as the true strength of the exhibition lies in its subtle detail.