Picking up the stitches

Hello and welcome from the hazy sunshine of Lahore. It’s a new week and everyone is back to work. Seemed like a long week. Family. Friends. Parties. Get-togethers. Barbeques…food+fun emotions. But apart from all this, the most wonderful thing is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction that we get when we happily let go of something we love. Giving away brings back more of what we love and care about….and that’s just one aspect of what life is all about.

Knitting basket

Anyway, here goes the story. Once upon a time some 20+ years ago, my mom first introduced me to knitting – or a simple knit stitch to be precise. No cast-on, no cast-off, just the knit stitch (maybe because I was too young to digest all of that back then). It was then that I came to know how it actually works…how fun is knitting…how simple fur ball(s) turn into a fabulous warm and cozy garment and it amazed me. And not to mention the huge amount of creativity amazed me even more! I never knew there is so much that could be done with a simple yarn. WOW!

Knitting inspiration

But I never thought of taking up the craft even as a hobby (thanks to my being busy at school *sigh*). Not until about four years ago, when I fell in love with the craft – though I still wonder how that happened, but it did. So, I started my hunt on the internet for some simple and easy tutorials to learn knitting from scratch and I got my first lessons. Amy is a wonderful teacher! Her videos on her website are so easy and practical that it took me just a while to understand, learn and practice.

Anyway, I collected hundreds of free patterns from the internet and tried just a few small projects; like a mobile cozy, a double knitted dish cloth, a simple baby bib, a market tote bag etc, just to try and get into practice. But I never had the courage to knit a garment…the complexity scared me…! I got nervous about shaping all those armholes and necklines, and adjusting the gauge to fit the size. I thought I should better give it some time and learn it face to face from someone I know. But that somehow couldn’t happen.

My mom had a few unfinished projects (all sweaters and pull-overs) left that I wanted to finish. So, this year, I thought I should take them out and see if I could do something about them (still scared). It took me some time to figure out the gauge and the pattern techniques, but I am happy that I am finally picking up the stitches left unfinished long ago. So, as I write this, I’ve already started one of those projects. Though I don’t know how they would turn out but it really is something special to me…finishing off what she left behind…